Propagation primer, great document!

Started by gil, October 10, 2012, 11:02:37 PM

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That is great information. I don't understand propagation nearly as well as I need to. I read the NZ4O daily propagation page, but a lot of it goes right over my head. This document definitely helps!



Quote from: gil on October 10, 2012, 11:02:37 PM
Everything you wanted to know about propagation:

Thanks for that. After last night's brief escapade on WINMOR before crashing I had to satisfy myself that I wasn't loony. I've been just (accidentally perhaps) correlating aurora to those times up here when it's not necessarily noisy - I know that a band can be in great shape & party-time even if it's cracklin' - but signals up here are just squashed (my technical term). Nothin' I set out to learn. But the slideshow you furnished for some reason helped the light go on. Maybe it just finished pounding the nail.

Up here when that auroral zone (not the Aur "number" typically available in the regular hamsql gadget) approaches or gets below 60? latitude, dark times are ahead on many bands for me until it climbs back north of Hudson Bay.

So before I head out for the eve just wanted to say thanks for that, hat-tip & all that.
It's a good thing.