I found a ten tec, but.......

Started by 2MT350, November 27, 2012, 11:12:43 AM

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Heh, yah the Orion is one fabulous Ten-Tec.

Still, I think this was more along the lines of what we were suggesting!  :)


Best 73 de Luck, WA4STO

Jim Boswell


     You might want to get a TenTec Corsair instead of an Omni-C. It is much easier to rebuild the VFO on a Corsair than an Omni-C. Both radios are good and can hold their own to the new stuff. I like the older TenTec because they can be worked on and unless someone has badly trashed them, they are repairable. The TenTec rigs work great with Shure or Electrovoice mic's. Remember on the Omni-c the noise blanker was an option, on the Corsair is was standard. If you want to buy the additional filters they will cost you about $50-75 each. Both the Onmi-C and Corsair are kind'a big for mobile but great for field day rigs. I have an Omni-C and 4 Corsairs, great radios. I plan to put 2 Corsairs up for sale in the next 3-6 months.
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There isn't a great difference between a $3000 and a $300 radio. Fundamentally, they work the same way. You pay for more features, a bit more sensitivity and better filters. When a band is closed though, the $3K radio won't get you through any better than a cheap Ebay "Tech Special."