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Started by 2MT350, April 20, 2013, 04:11:08 PM

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after tryin to help a member here, i have come to see this this is just another collection of only ham radio ops who hate on the 11 meter cb band and its ops.

CB's are reliable, and i did my part to try to help the guy. but all i got was,  *entire forum closes eyes* SHUN THE CB'ER, CB BAD, CB SUX BALLS, ONLY USE HAM RADIO, WE GOT MORE BANDS THEN YOU HUEHUEHUEHUE!!!

well i say shame on all your messes. since this forum only supports amatuer (ham) radio, im backout on this forum.

i wasnt snipin anyone here, you guys all sniped at me, and you know it, in the words of a local agitator near me, known as Red.



I think you are over reacting to a difference of opinion.  I have a CB radio.  I have the CB channels programmed into my HT.  Gil has done a thread on the Galaxy CB.  Probably 9 out of 10 members here own at least one CB.


Help is always welcome and differing points of view are encouraged.  As stated above, many of us use radios from many different services and for different purposes. However, your claiming that those with a different point of view from your own are spreading "disinformation" (your quote) is going to seen as poor behavior.  Leave or stay - that is of course your option at this point.  Just abide by basic rules of common decency and things are fine.

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Internet loses inflection and tone when you are banging away in the keys. It might be better to assume everyone is being peaceful and respectful first until blatantly obvious they are not at which time I'm sure Gil will deal with them appropriately.

No one was ripping on CB, but we are quick to correct disinformation when we see it.


2MT350: Not my usual habit in this kind of circumstance, but among others would be post #8 from the thread on the Galaxy here. Perhaps some more background reading would be in order on a forum before assigning some false elitism to people (there are enough of those for real); not a bad approach in other areas of life in general.

Hell, I just got a nice working Uniden from a guy for helping him setup a reloading press (clearly I got the best end of the deal).

Then again, "big boy rules apply" and you're the only one to be the judge of your own feelings.
Have a nice RF day.


We should make this thread productive and talk about the Reloader you set up Wes


Quote from: madball13 on April 21, 2013, 07:53:11 PM
We should make this thread productive and talk about the Reloader you set up Wes
LOL, won't take long. I just helped him setup his first Dillon, a Square-Deal B. He had a boatload of components pre- [fill-in latest hysteria) but no press. Anyway, it was his first experience at an auto-indexing progressive press. Just doing what Dillon would happily do with him on the phone but he was more at ease I guess with me there. It was amusing because I got to watch him experience the same feelings I had with my first progressive. After learning the "feel" of what a stuck primer feels like - which the Dillon instructions take you through on purpose for that very reason - he was so tickled when that first final round came out that he wanted to go shoot it right then & there.  ;D

"Uh, wouldn't you rather run the other 199 you've got setup for now... it'll only take you an hour maybe if you don't cross your eyes."

Anyway, the Uniden came home out of gratitude; nothing to him but fit a tool niche for me and a kind gesture. As mentioned I know some folks who will likely never be hams, but that's not their worth to me on this planet. But a CB would get 'em if needed. Tools.  I remember my first CB too, and that there WAS a callsign assigned *IF* you sent in the little card to the FCC. I still remember it.


There is some forum whose name I can't recall, where some people are told that "your rucksack is in the hall."


Awesome he went blue. I hear those are great machines. I stick to a turret press for reloading long range stuff for high power.

First match of the year for me is on Sunday and i'm looking forward to it.


I used to own a Dillon 550, more than 20 yrs ago. Best press ever. Still hitting myself on the head for selling it...  :( That was before telling myself I would never sell anything good again with a better replacement! No use for one right now, but some day I'll get the exact same model again!