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Started by WA4STO, July 03, 2013, 06:54:27 PM

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Date: 2013/07/01 23:49
Subject: TAPRN Sunday 40M Voice Net 6/30/13 Summary

R:130703/2247Z 1509@.#OWO.OK.USA.NOAM BPQ1.4.55
R:130702/2300Z 3223@.#OWL.ME.USA.NOAM BPQ1.4.53

In case ya'll didn't know, TAPRN has a Voice Net every Sunday evening at 9pm Eastern.  During the summer months, we are meeting on 40M (7.242 or there abouts, depending on QRM).  Also during those times (usually starting around 8:45pm Eastern or so), some folks meet up on TAPRN's website Chat Room, and we try our best to include what folks are talking about in the Chat Room with the Voice Net.

Last night's Voice Net went well.  We had the best conditions in quite awhile.
Our check-ins included the following:

List removed by admin.

Our topics for the evening were canning butter and gardening techniques.
A couple of future topic suggestions were the following:
pest control for your garden (or around your home) when the balloon takes off
soap making

If you would like to join us for the Voice Net Sunday evenings, feel free to check in (or even just stop by to say hello in the website's Chat Room).



I don't see to many 1's on that list. I tried hooking up with thme but i don't think it is possible with my set up from Mass.


Quote from: madball13 on July 05, 2013, 11:34:41 AM
I don't see to many 1's on that list.

True, on the voice nets, not so many.

But there's a TON of New Englanders on the WINMOR-based prepper digital network, particularly in Maine. 

For me, voice nets don't offer any infrastructure for preppers (except for social interaction maybe) whereas the digital networks are there, 365/24/7 always scanning for my puny little signals and ever capable of routing my prepper-related messages from person to person, state to state, and BOL to BOL.   


Luck Hurder, WA4STO

White Tiger


Think about it - the term "net" can invoke a lot of different meanings for a lot of different situations. For those of us interested in civilian communications for "when the wind blows" (or other somesuch issue) gives is an opportunity to learn where to go for information we can trust, and listen for the ways information needs to be communicated. In this scenario the term "net" infers a "Network".

In the scenario where you want a bit more operational security, while sharing the same data in a much reduced time signature - we can learn where the digital modes communicate and how they do so...that kind of adds a different twist to the definition of "net"...

As for me, I'm thinking I might like to check into this digital stuff, that is if the old Omni-D can be coaxed into it...

Thanks Luck - appreciate this...kinda like a road map for what to do if the SHTF!
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