Started by Geek, August 30, 2013, 05:39:52 AM

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I would appreciate some recommendations for online sources for 12v batteries for HAM radio use.  I realize there is a trade-off between size, portability, capacity, price, durability, etc. so I am open to a variety of recommendations.


Check out reply #3 in this thread,553.msg4997.html#msg4997

Keep in mind I was referencing batteries for low power QRP rigs which have very minimal current demands, if you're wanting to power commercial rigs with orders of magnitude higher power consumption you'll need much larger batteries and a much larger system to recharge them............ can't have you cake and eat it too ;) .
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There are definitely trade-offs and I don't expect a one size fits all answer, though it would be nice to find a one source that can provide all the various batteries required answer.


I've had good service from both of these places:

If you decide on some SLA ("gel cell") types for one of your solutions, you can often find small 12V versions of these from your ACE hardware, or anyone else who might deal in small lawn-tractor, snow-blower, or motorcycle batteries - look in the garden department. It's an item you're not likely to gain anything on by ordering online vs. picking up locally due to its weight.