For The Prepper Ham With 'Everything'

Started by RadioRay, October 02, 2013, 10:54:24 PM

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For those who have a strong back and see filters and free tuning VFO's as being made for SISSIES, here is a radio for you!

As seen in the Falklands/Malvinas war, the Clansman manpack radio is ready for anything - except repair of the Plessy IC chips which were made ONLY for this series of radios.  The factory spares were stored in a warehouse - which burned down.  Yes - it will probably run forever. If however it does not - it is basically unrepairable - a risk that those who love 'green radios' are willing to take.

I've talked wtih Paul/W0RW in Morse from the top of Pike's Peaks in Colorado (over 14,000 peak) as he walked from wind break rock to windbreak rock using his PRC-319 Special Forces radio which looks very similar to this PRC-320 but dozen a few extra tricks. for portable field radios this is pretty low on the Watts per pound scale!  However, it suuuuuuure is cool!

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Definitely looks heavy, cool but heavy. I'll probably stick with my KX1 for now. 8)
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