Favourite band for Morse (and newbies)?

Started by captainsemtex, June 02, 2020, 08:51:31 PM

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I'm not new to Amateur Radio... but am new to HF. I'm currently learning Morse Code and plan to order the new QRP Labs QCX+ kit and matching 50W PA.

But which band to choose?

My default choice is 40m because I know there are some slow Morse stations there but what would you suggest please?

73 Ian



40m is a great choice, and as your only band, go for it!
I do like 30m but because there are no contests there and no voice ops, and also because I already have a bunch of 40m radios...



You can't go wrong starting on 40m. Most slow speed CW is between 7.050 and 7.060 or above 7.110 MHz.


Depends upon your QTH.  In many locations 40m is very popular, but where I live (most stations are 1500+km away) 80/40 are rarely used.  20/17/15 are much more popular.

Check PSKreporter and reverse beacon for an idea of traffic in your area.


Old Radio Bloke

40m is a good choice. As well as being popular, even in our sunspot minimum you are pretty much guaranteed to hear activity anytime of day or night. You get a lot of slower CW around the 7030KHz QRP frequency.

I think the QCX is a great transciever. I have built two and use both regularly.