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General Discussion / Re: Update and The Necessity to Educate People.
« Last post by gil on January 26, 2019, 03:52:12 AM »
So far so good  :) France is very frustrating though, the bureaucracy is overwhelming, not to mention taxes  ::) Pretty much everything is prohibited. You can't do anything that is remotely unsafe! That of course because if you injure yourself, the government has to give back some of that money it stole >:( The region here is amazing though!

General Discussion / Re: Update and The Necessity to Educate People.
« Last post by White Tiger on January 26, 2019, 01:48:25 AM »
Great post Gil - education is what got me to come here, and to get my license. I was in a thread on a preppier website. I ran into a ham radio guy that probed my fantasies a bit (buy and old tube set because it was inexpensive, operate it as a "pirate" station in case the S hit the ol proverbial F...

Just a few questions proved my ignorance, but the gentleman did it in such a even handed way, it didn't make me feel stupid, just that I had a really dumb idea. There is so much to know, especially for us NON-technology types (...mostly how easily noobs can be electrocuted because they didn't understand basics..or that the ANTENNA is more important than your radio...).

Great reminder Gil, thanks - and while we're educating - I'm going to try to remember that I always found the best teachers are those I accept education from is by someone who actually cares about what others want to do with the subject-at-hand (in this case radio)...and then figure out how to help them get there.

You can overcome any how, if you know why...

Pretty cool that you're in the south of France - from the looks of those videos from your YouTube channel - it looks as if you're enjoying the ride!
Antennas / Tent Pole antenna - could it work ?
« Last post by solaris0121 on January 24, 2019, 03:53:40 AM »
I do a bit of wild / ultralight camping with a mate of mine and have been thinking about antenna solutions when up on the hills.  I got to wondering, if I had a small QRP CW rig in my bag, but no way of setting up an antenna, would the metal tent pole tune up for emergency use ?  Imagine you are caught in a snow storm on top of a mountain and have to get into your tent quickly......

My tent has a single folding aluminium lightweight pole, about 9 feet long, that arcs from one end to the other, im sure a Z Match type tuner would tune it up ok.... although it wont be particularly resonant so close to the ground and being so short.  But who knows ?  You only need one person to hear your distress call.

So if any of you are off camping, be sure to give it a try and report back.... im off in a few weeks hopefully to North Wales and will give it a little try.  Possibly worthwhile as an experiment.
I'm in line also, can't wait. Also waiting for the 40 meter Slop Bucket II to be released with the LCD display!

Ive just built the 40m QCX kit from Hans - and it was a pleasure to do (my 1st proper kit) , the instructions are so well thought out and the support forum is so helpful.  It worked 1st time.  I messaged Hans to ask about current draw on the new QSX, but he wouldnt divulge, except to say he was looking to keep it low where possible, but to bear in mind that its SDR based, so wont be flea power.....   I might order 3 !!!!!
I will be getting one... Or two...!

Here is the latest info:

General Discussion / Re: radio preppers blog
« Last post by gil on January 16, 2019, 05:00:03 PM »

Because if those verifications are not implemented the forum gets flooded with spam. Apparently you succeeded, welcome aboard ;) And maybe we only want smart and determined people here  ;)

General Discussion / radio preppers blog
« Last post by 9a3iv on January 16, 2019, 02:25:49 PM »
Why is so complicated to send a post? With so many questions to answer?
Antennas / Re: The 49:1 Half-Wave End-Fed Transformer Campain is ON!
« Last post by gil on January 14, 2019, 01:02:38 AM »
Hello, very interesting, please post photos! Potting did not work for me, but you might have better luck...

Antennas / Re: The 49:1 Half-Wave End-Fed Transformer Campain is ON!
« Last post by M0ORY on January 13, 2019, 06:34:39 PM »
I seem to recall reading somewhere that -43 was a good mix to use for the transformer cores however -52 supposedly performed slightly better but was more expensive. I made my first 49:1 transformer out of a pair of stacked FT140-43 cores and it worked a dream when I tested it on 80m wspr. I decided to get some -52 mix cores. I got a 150-52 and a bag full of 44-52 beads as they were cheap and I thought might be useful for threading over some coax to make a choke. Today I had the idea to make a 49:1 out of a couple of the 44-52 beads stacked. I used 4 beads and the finished transformer measures just 20mm long by 14mm wide. It might not stand up to much power but even if it dissipated a full 5w it's take a while to burn up. I'm going to go out and test it side by side with the 150-52 and 2x140-43 but if it works it'll make a brilliant transformer for prepping when paired with something like the LNR precision Mountain Topper. Actually come to think of it I have some small -43 mix cores too left over from another project so I'll make another out of four of those first and test all four over the next week or so. If they work I'll also try potting them in epoxy in a small container. I think I have an old APS film canister kicking around somewhere which would be ideal. I might be able to 3D print something even smaller though.
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