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SDR Radios / Re: Minion SDR
Last post by gil - September 14, 2020, 04:53:12 am
Hi, I don' remember, but SSB does not give you a precise power measurement. Use CW to see your power output. Also, there is no practical difference between 5 or 7W... Nobody will ever notice the difference...

New To Radio / Re: Newbie Transmit/Receive Ra...
Last post by JS6UEY - September 10, 2020, 06:43:01 pm
"1500-2000 miles apart", "voice communications", "reliable", "predictable"?  Yikes....

The US military had to use circus tent sized antennas with +kilowatt transmitters, dedicated field of operators, ionosounde and scientists to maintain that kinda network.  Despite the movies, it's highly unlikely an average bunch of hams could replicate.

IMHO, low rate data might be doable.  With good planning, proper antennas & newer protocols (like JS8Call) a group of learned ham's could pull it off 'fairly' reliably.


New To Radio / Newbie Transmit/Receive Range ...
Last post by new2ham2020 - September 10, 2020, 04:00:02 pm

I'm completely new to HAM/"Amateur" radio and I'm thinking of getting into the hobby for disaster preparedness (probably an extended "grid down" scenario where phones and the Internet don't work and maybe an electromagnetic pulse has damaged repeater infrastructure).

My use for HAM would be long-distance voice communications, between fixed locations (as much as 1500-2000 miles apart, in the Lower 48 states).

I would be transmitting and receiving from either:
Northeast Washington to either Northeast Indiana or Southwest West Virginia (appx. 2000 miles)
Northeast Washington to Southern California (appx. 1500 miles)
Northeast Indiana to Southwest W. Virginia (appx. 400 miles)

I have read conflicting information about the ability of HAM radio to transmit over long distances and be received clearly.

Some websites indicate HAM can reach thousands of miles away, but only under certain atmospheric conditions or using 3rd-party resources like repeaters and the Internet. Others say it can reach 100-600 miles more likely (without repeaters). I don't want to have to rely on other people's infrastructure for my communications, or else I would probably buy a satellite phone.

Would HAM actually be reliable and predictable to have the signal travel that far and be clearly understood by the recipient, without using other infrastructure?

What would I likely need in order to do that? Would I need a massive antenna tower at each end (100'+ in height)?

If you could provide me any more information that would be helpful, I would appreciate it!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.
SDR Radios / Re: Minion SDR
Last post by jbeno - September 08, 2020, 11:30:57 pm
Yeah, I tried with and without a tuner (Elecraft T1) on a resonant 20m antenna. The T1 clicks and tunes with a green light. If I shout into the Mic I see the PWR bar jump up to 5. I'm wondering if it's the Mic Gain or the phsyical Mic that I'm using:

What Mic Gain setting are you using? Do you have any audio filters on?
SDR Radios / Re: Minion SDR
Last post by gil - September 07, 2020, 06:16:15 am
Hello, yes, I got 5 to 7W. I did not see an option to adjust power... Is your antenna resonant? Did you check SWR?

General Discussion / Re: PLEASE READ! Welcome to Ra...
Last post by gil - September 07, 2020, 06:15:00 am
Welcome aboard Lee :-) you might want to look into 2m SSB. There are a lot of cheap 2m all-mode transceivers on Ebay... I have an old Icom IC-251 that works wonders :-)

Technical Corner / Re: MTR5B is not working with ...
Last post by gil - September 07, 2020, 06:12:47 am
Hello, I saw on another forum that you solved the issue?

Technical Corner / MTR5B is not working with batt...
Last post by W4RAM - September 05, 2020, 08:14:59 am
Good morning,
Asking for assistant with the following issue:
My MTR5B is not working with batteries. I tried with one 9v battery, also with a battery case x 6AA using Ni-MH 1.2v 2850 mAh, and also a LiPo 7.4v 5200mAh with the same result.

If I use 12-13.8v power supply radio works fine. If the damage is related because I feed the radio with a 13.8v power source, how can I fix it?
Thank you for your assistant,

General Discussion / Re: PLEASE READ! Welcome to Ra...
Last post by KO4DNI - September 03, 2020, 09:26:59 pm
Hi Gil,
 New ham here. Name is Lee and I live on the coast of Georgia in the United States. I have always had a fascination with radio in general and after a hurricane scare last year and with all that has been going on this year it made me realize that I need a reliable means of communication not if, but when SHTF. Got my technician license in May and studying for General. There's a small club in the next county over from me and some ARES groups in surrounding cities. I'm glad to find your forum here where ARES and ARRL notions don't prevail. Not that I wouldn't step up and help my community, but that's not the sole reason I got into amateur radio. I have learned a lot from your YouTube channel and one can clearly see that you're different from those other guys on there doing unboxing and merely advertising. I currently have a Yaesu FT-6T5R that was my first radio and with good antennas does way more than I ever expected it to do. For the home I have an Icom IC-2300H that on I regularly talk to folks in South Carolina and Florida up to 150 miles away. Granted, that's through repeaters that are actually that far away. But I'm slowly learning and want to improve my 2 meter capabilities beyond that of repeaters. I don't consider myself a prepper per se, but definitely trying to do the best for myself and family so we can become self sufficient. Anyhow, thanks for the add. You are doing great work here and with your videos. Hope to catch up with some of you all over the air. 7 3 for now,
SDR Radios / Minion SDR
Last post by jbeno - August 30, 2020, 01:57:24 am
Finally got my Minion SDR and tested it out tonight. How do you adjust the output power? When I'm transmitting, I'm not seeing anything more than 0.5 on the PWR meter. But in your videos, it looks like you're consistently at 5.
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