Xiegu g90 20w qrp

Started by vy2js, January 23, 2020, 03:32:14 PM

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I think I have settled on the Xiegu G90 as the radio i will start with.  I haven't seen any serious negatives brought up in any reviews.

Power consumption seems pretty good for what it is (i know there is no pleasing Gil on that front haha ) and it puts out full 20W power down to 9v input in videos I've seen.

Very wide ATU that works fast.  SWR spectrum scope, waterfall, SDR... not sure what else i could ask for.

Anyone here use one?  I searched and found no mention of it.

It should be simple enough to use as my home station,  portable rig and even a mobile in my Jeep...



Quotei know there is no pleasing Gil on that front haha

That's right ;-)
I really do like the 20W power level though...


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Had mine for about one year. Can't say I have anything bad to say about it. Got to be a absolute deal for the money.
I can that I have found the tuner to be a dream. Right up there with my KX3
Probably true to say that it comes into its own for portable operations which I believe it excels.
Hope this is of some use.


Great thanks.

I haven't been able to find any real complaints about it.

I recently discovered that you can turn the screen off so even that niggle in the back of my mind has been put to rest.

As soon as i have the money saved I will pull the trigger.  I think pairing it with a wolf river coils silver bullet would be a good combo for base, portable and mobile use.

Additional EFHW for more portable options too.




Excellent. I just got one, now I need to put the antenna together and get on the air. I have the QRPBoyz tri-Band and their EFHW. I just need to watch Gil's kit assembly videos three or four more times to get up the courage to wind those toroids and get to soldering...

Wish me luck and guts...