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Started by Geek, April 21, 2013, 09:01:40 PM

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Being a CW operator in zero land I envy the guys in five land - di, di, di, di, dit. I could get a five call through the vanity system but I guess I'm still old school and want my call to reflect my QTH.
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Quote from: KK0G on May 25, 2013, 02:34:31 PMBy the way, my call is a vanity. I believe (at least in the zero call area) that the only way to get a 1x2 or 2x1 call is via vanity.

Yes, the only way to get a 1x2 or 2x1 call anywhere is through the vanity system.  The FCC does not issue previously used calls to new licensees, and all 1x2 and 2x1 calls have been previously issued.  That's why new extras now get 2x2 calls if they don't keep their existing call.  When I upgraded from General to Extra I kept my old call because I knew I would try for a 2x1 since a few would be available at the time.



Extra class operator, with a vanity. But I got a 1X3. It was the call of my late grandfather. He was first licensed in fall of 1938, went SK in 1992. It been only issued to him and then myself. My grandson, who became a general at age 11 last year wants to be the 2nd caretaker of this call when I go SK. Hopefully, that is a long ways out.  ;)


Perhaps this is not the proper place to speak of such things. In the SHTF senario I plan on using a tactical call not amateur on the air. Now is the time to make one. I suggest tactical calls be used only in person and by snail mail until it is known to the group(s). Sort of like Naval Air does. They go by callsigns not first and last names. Just a thought. In the case of Naval Air you don't get to pick you callsign. They give it to you by some strange chance and it sticks similar to a nic name. I guess we don't have to go THAT far.  :)  I don't want to be called MAVERICK anyway or GOOSE or ICE!


Archangel's right on this one.  If things go truly sideways I think the government (or what's left of it) will have better things to do then to worry about whether or not we're all using our proper callsigns.  I would definitely go with a tactical call. 


QuotePerhaps this is not the proper place to speak of such things. In the SHTF senario I plan on using a tactical call not amateur on the air.

I agree. I have requested that nobody suggests anything illegal on this site, but you are not suggesting to do it now, only under extraordinary circumstances in an improbable future, so that's fine.

The best thing to do now is to establish skeds with friends; people from here. Ray and I have been doing it regularly. Too bad I never seem to reach Chris or Wes, only on rare occasions, and we have never been able to have a conversation due to propagation problems. Ray on the other hand is almost always heard, and we have tried down to 100mW more than once.

I would like to establish skeds with more people, using CW. Any takers?

I do need to reinstall my PAR end-fed because I found out last night it fell off!...



Once I've got my mobile station-in-a-box operational I'll be up for it! 

Got a 3-day weekend coming up this weekend (It's good to work for the State sometimes).  Maybe I'll get to do some metal-working.

I got my LDG Z-11 tuner last Friday and I've got a buddy loaning me a PowerWerx power supply to see if I like before I buy one.  My FT-857D hasn't even been powered up since I got it right before Christmas.