Universal Battery Charger

Started by DC8KH, September 13, 2018, 03:32:06 AM

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Hi folks,
what type of battery charger do you use for your portbale radios?  I've tested a lot of commercial available battery chargers over the years and came to the conclusion that most of them are more or less garbage.  We can divide them in two groups :  One of them will not fully charge the batteries, while the other one will broil the batteries.
If you have different batteries for different radios to charge, you often end up with several different chargers for your radio.  And how you will supply these chargers in case of SHTF?

I dealed a long time with this problems and decided to find a solution.   I am a professional elerctronics engineer and not one of the self-styled specialists you can find everywhere - especially in forums and the well known social media channels. So I decided to develope my own charging system that solves all the problems. The system is in service now since several years and in some number and charges all my batteries, regardless of chemistry, voltage and capacity. If someone is interested we may discuss the project in depth.  But please - no idiots!